Zeenat turns 9-year-old: Zeenat Aman’s husband dies before divorce

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6 minutes ago

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Zeenat Aman, one of the most amazing actresses of the past, is celebrating her th9th birthday on November 19. Jinat Aman’s life was no less than the story of a movie. Jinnah was associated with his own captivating actor Sanjay Khan. He lost to Jinnah Aman at a party of Sanjay Khan in 1970. He also wrote this in his biography The Big Mistakes of My Life.

The first husband died

Jinnah was married to actor Mazhar Khan on October 11, 1975, but the two started fighting just a few days later. Not only that, there were even reports that Mazhar often insulted Jinnah Aman. They had two sons Jahan and Ajna. However, the names of both their fights were not mentioned.

Mazhar contracted a kidney infection a few years later, which caused him to become ill and eventually died in 1999 due to kidney failure. According to the report, Jinnah was very upset with her husband and even filed for divorce, but Mazhar left the family before the divorce.

Sanjay Khan used to fight

Stories of the relationship between Jinnah and Sanjay Khan have also made headlines in B-City. The news was that the two were secretly married during the shooting of ‘Abdullah’. Sanjay Khan was in a low mood. They often attacked Jinnah.

On November 3, 1979, Sanjay Khan publicly beat Jinnah during a party at the Hotel Taj in Mumbai. Sanjay was hit so hard that his jaw broke. After the operation, his jaw line was repaired but his right eye was damaged. When Sanjay’s wife Zarine found out about their relationship, there was a huge uproar. Eventually, the relationship between Jinnah and Sanjay came to an end.


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