Zayed-Gawhar relationship: Gawhar Khan was engaged to 11-year-old Zayed, father Ismail Darbar said – I never mentioned marriage

22 minutes ago

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Gauhar Khan recently got engaged to musician Ismail Darbar’s son Zayed Darbar. Gauhar and Zayed have confirmed the engagement on their social media accounts. According to reports, Gauhar and Zayed will get married on December 25. However, if Ismail Darbar can be trusted, then the date of marriage is not fixed at present.

Ismail can only know through social media
In a conversation with Daily Bhaskar, Ismail said, “Just like people are watching Gawhar and Zayed’s post, I also got involved by watching the post. Honestly, we still have one in the family so the son is alive and this son talks about his marriage to his father Zayed has never mentioned his marriage to me.

Gowher mentioned his mother
Ismail is moving forward – he doesn’t have the courage to tell me. He is very close to his Ayesha Ammi. He told Ayesha about Gauhar and expressed his desire to marry her. Ayesha came and told me about this and right, I agreed. My son likes any girl in Hindustan, I will stand by his decision. I want her to be happy. She and Gowher are serious about each other and I have no problem with that. My only goal is to make my child happy. “

The wedding date has not come out yet
Regarding the date of the wedding, the senior court further said, “Believe me, I know through social media and other platforms that these two are getting married in December. Even when he told his mother it looks like he will meet me now if he wants to get married. Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself! I’ll talk to you soon and keep up the good content.


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