Yuvraj, a friend of Sushant, accused him of using drugs – he was throwing autumn at her, what a joke?

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  • Sushant Singh Rajput’s friend slandered actress Sara Ali Khan and Shraddha Kapoor have alleged that the late actor used drugs

25 days ago

Prince S. Singh Sushant Singh Rajput has also rejected the theory of suicide.

  • Sara and Shraddha have claimed in the NCB investigation that Sushant used drugs in the photo set
  • Sushant’s friend Yuvraj said – he is accusing her of not doing anything herself

Sushant Singh Rajput’s friend Yuvraj S Singh has reprimanded Sara Ali Khan and Shraddha Kapoor for their statements in which they claimed that the late actor used drugs. Sara and Shraddha appeared at the Narcotics Control Bureau on Saturday after being named in a drug case. At the time, he claimed that he had seen Sushant taking drugs on the photo set and in the vanity van.

Yuvraj said – he is tearing his own skin on her

Speaking to Times Now, Yuvraj said, “Apparently he (Sara and Shraddha) complained that he was taking too much medicine, as if he had done nothing wrong. He was throwing his own skin over her. What’s going on?”

When Yuvraj was asked why Sara and Shraddha would do such a thing, he said in a soft voice, “Because he knows how important an NDPS actor is. Probably the reason.”

Earlier, Yuvraj had claimed in an interview that Sushant did not commit suicide but was killed. According to him, the marks on the actor’s body do not look like suicide. So they feel that something is wrong with them.

What did Sara say to NCB?

According to reports, during the NCB investigation, Sara Ali Khan said that Sushant was using drugs during the shooting of Kedarnath. He believed that he would go to his party with Sushant. However, he himself never took drugs. However, it is not yet clear whether Sushant started using drugs during the shooting of Kedarnath or if he was already using drugs.

What did Shraddha Kapoor say?

During the NCB interrogation, Shraddha Kapoor said that she saw Sushant taking drugs in a vanity van during the shooting of ‘Chhoor’. Shraddha further said that she went to Sushant’s farmhouse on the shores of Pavana Lake for the film’s success party. Drugs were used at this party. However, Shrad himself has denied taking drugs.


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