You will breathe a sigh of relief when you see this stunt by Bidyut Jammwal – watch the video

New Delhi: Bollywood action star Power jam Likes to test the limits of impossibility. The actor of the movie ‘Jungle’ recently posted a video, which is a compilation of physical jokes made during fitness training. Keeping in mind fitness, entertainment and inspiring people, Bidyut Jamwal shared a video of the amazing stunt so that he was seen to do amazing physical fights.

In this video you can see the electric jamwal doing stunts that will amaze you, the beer bottle is push ups, chakrasana, walking on water (you read that right), many candles are extinguished at the speed of your hand, moving by pushing towards the vibrating escalator. To open the id of three bottles with your foot in one stroke, break the bricks by pressing an egg in the palm of your hand which will surely amaze you. Watch this video …

Bidyut Jamwal believes, ‘I think it is important to challenge myself constantly. It’s a lot to appreciate that I inspire so many people through training but I want everyone to learn from the work I do that they challenge themselves no matter what they do for a living. Able to break bricks but no less than someone freed from their own personal challenge.

One of the top ten martial artists in the world, Jamwal is a fan icon who has followed a huge fan of the fitness-hobby. “You don’t want to mess with 10 people”, he became the first Indian actor to be added to the list by signing up with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Man V / S Wild Fame’s Bear Grylls. He is the only Indian actor to have mastered the chat show X. While on the raid, he invited action legends and spoke to them in an interesting way.

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