Writer Surendra Mohan claims – the novel was used without my permission, my image was ruined by obscene dialogue.

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The much-loved web series Mirzapur 2 is seen reading legal issues on digital platforms. Writer Surendra Mohan Pathak has accused Blot of abusing his novel on a web show. Surendra talks about a scene where Kulbhushan Kharbanda is reading his novel.

Series scenes which raised the issue
Kulbhushan’s character refers to a man named Baldev Raj while reading the novel on a web show. According to the reader, there is no such character in his novel. Not only this, Kulbhushan is shown reading dialogues from the novel when those lines are nowhere in the novel. Readers have sent notices to Amazon Prime and manufacturers objecting to this.

In which it is stated that the novel has been shown in this series without his permission. They can’t even imagine writing lines like what Kulbhushan is reading. It has ruined his reputation after writing for the last 5 decades.

Asked for an answer in a week
According to a notice sent by Surendra Mohan, creator of Makers Excel Entertainment, Amazon Prime has been partyed in a demand to edit the scene. Surendra warned to take legal action if the production did not do so. He gave a week for this work. Surendra also shared this notice on Twitter.

As for Surendra Mohan Pathak, he is a famous writer of Hindi crime fiction. Who has been writing novels for the last 50 years.

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