With a budget of Rs 4 crore, DDLJ was the first to use behind-the-scenes promotions.

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Released on October 20, 1999, 25 years ago, Shah Rukh Khan and Kajal starrer ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ has given Bollywood a new identity around the world. On this special occasion, let’s find out some special things about the movie …

The film, which was made with a budget of Rs 04 crore, earned Rs 89 crore in India and Rs 13.50 crore abroad.

The global film collection was Rs 102.50 crore. As of today, the total DDLJ in India is Rs 455 crore, in other countries Rs 699 crore and the global collection is Rs 524 crore.

– The film was nominated for 14 categories at the 1996 Filmfare Awards, of which it won 10 awards.

The first film to show ‘Behind the Scenes’

It is the first film in the history of Indian cinema which also produced it. Technically known as ‘Behind the Scene’ ever since. In the film, Aditya Chopra’s younger brother Uday Chopra was his assistant who was given the responsibility of recording this recording. Uday became a videographer and recorded behind the scenes. It was later used to promote the film.

The title was given by Kiran Kher

The title of the film was ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ starring Kiran Kher. Aditya Chopra himself mentions this in the book ‘Aditya Chopra Releases … Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenj’ published by Yashraj Films.

-He said, “This idea will take Kiran Jit to the 1974 film Chor Mache Shore … Le Jaye … Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. When I hear this idea from him, I like it and the title is finalized.”

‘Overwatch’ inspired by American films

The famous ‘overturned scene’ of the film starring Shah Rukh Khan was inspired by a scene from Clint Eastwood’s 1993 American film In the Line of Fire.

When Aditya saw this film, he remembered the scene in Eastwood where the actor’s girlfriend was walking and he told her to turn.

Later in DDLJ, he inspired this scene and made ‘Ulte’ on Raj-Simran. It took Aditya only 1 month to write the script of DDLJ.

The leather jacket signed by Shah Rukh Khan in the photo was bought by Uday Chopra from a Harley Davidson store in California for 400 400.


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