Will Priyanka Chopra be seen in Vansali’s film after ‘Bajirao Mastani’?

Priyanka Chopra recently revealed on Karan Johar’s chat show that she is discussing a picture with Sanjay Leela Vonsali, which may be announced soon. It was later said that he will be seen in the movie ‘Inshallah’ with Salman Khan. However, Priyanka’s fans are heartbroken after Alia Bhatt’s involvement in the film. But now another news about Priyanka is being published.

Priyanka will be seen in this film

Sanjay Leela Bhansali has revealed in a recent interview that he is planning to do a film with Priyanka Chopra and the film is not ‘Inshallah’. Vonsali said, ‘I like the story of Gangubai very much. This story has been with me for many years. I am talking to Priyanka Chopra for this film.

The sky is pink I’ll see

Let me tell you, Priyanka Chopra will return to Bollywood after almost two years with ‘The Sky Is Pink’. Priyanka has been busy with her Hollywood projects for a long time.


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