Will Kangana be produced in police station today ?: Actress summoned for third time in sedition case, given time till 11 am

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Mumbai14 minutes ago

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Kangana will come today on 23rd November i.e. 24th November to make the third summons and her sister Rangoli Chandel on 24th November. -Phil photo.

  • On November 17, Kangana and her sister Rangoli Chandel were summoned for the third time.

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is scheduled to appear before Mumbai police by 11 am today. However, the situation is rarely seen. The actress is still in Himachal Pradesh. Today, on behalf of the actress, her lawyer can appear at the Bandra police station and ask for another date. On November 17, Kangana and her sister Rangoli Chandel were summoned for the third time. Kangana was supposed to appear in this summons on 23rd November i.e. 24th November.

Both sisters have been charged with spreading communal tensions through social media and making offensive remarks to judges. A case has been filed against the two at Bandra police station on October 1. Earlier, on October 26 and November 3, Kangana was summoned for questioning. The actress was asked to join the probe after November 15, citing her brother’s involvement in the marriage. Both sisters are currently in Himachal.

The two religions have been accused of inciting hatred

An FIR was lodged against Kangana at the Bandra police station in Mumbai on the directions of a local court. Both sisters are accused of using offensive language against a particular community and inciting people belonging to a particular community.

This was the complaint of Kangana’s petitioner

Bollywood casting director and fitness trainer Munawar Ali Syed filed an application in the Bandra Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court. “Kangana has been insulting Bollywood for the past few months by calling each other nepotism and favoritism. She tweeted through her official Twitter handle and TV interview that there is a divide between Hindu and Muslim artists,” Syed was quoted as saying.

Syed further complained, “He tweeted very offensively, which hurt not only the religious sentiments, but also the sentiments of many colleagues in the industry.” Sahil testified that Kangana had many tweets in front of the court.

Cases have been filed under these sections

Bandra Metropolitan Magistrate, Joydev Y Jhule has registered an FIR under Section 156 (3) of the CRPC and directed an inquiry against Kangana. Taking action in this regard, the police has filed a case against Kangana and her sister under various sections.

  • Section 153A: Section 153 (a) of the IPC has been imposed on those who try to spread hatred among people on the basis of religion, language, caste, etc., which may include imprisonment for 3 years or a fine or both.
  • In section 295: Under it, laws are considered a crime where an accused person insults or tries to do so with intentional and malicious intent to hurt the religious sentiments of a section of the citizens of India.
  • Category 124A: If a person openly protests against the Government of India, which could lead to a security crisis in the country, he could be sentenced to life imprisonment. Anyone who supports or promotes these activities will be considered a traitor.
  • Category 34: According to Article 34 of the Indian Penal Code, when an offense is committed by a person for a common purpose by committing a common act, each person is liable for the act as the offense was committed only by him.


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