Wife Shabana shares trophy with Javed Akhtar, the first Indian lyricist to win Richard Dawkins

23 minutes ago

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About 4 months after being nominated, Javed Akhtar received the Richard Dawkins Award. Shabana Azmi shared her picture through social media. Javed is the first Indian to receive this award. It is named after the English evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins. Receiving the award since 2003, this award is given to a person in the field of science, research, education or entertainment who strives to defend secularism in a logical way.

Shabana shared the photo
Shabana wrote while sharing the photo – Javed with his Richard Dawkins 2020 award. Akhtar and Richard Dawkins talked to each other at a virtual conference on Saturday. As soon as the news of the nomination came, Shabana said in June 2020 – “I am very happy. I know that Richard Dawkins was a motivating hero for Javed. The award is important because in today’s age when religious fundamentalists of all faiths are attacking secularism, this honor Reflects. “

Javed said I was shocked to hear
After being nominated, Javed told a channel that he did not think about the award. He himself was surprised that the organizers heard his speech about Indian politics. Javed thanked Richard and said that he was very surprised to receive his letter.


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