Why is Bhagniputra called Gauri of Delhi? The actor narrates a funny episode

New Delhi Before becoming a superstar, Shah Rukh Khan lived the life of an ordinary boy in Delhi. He once told on The Kapil Sharma Show how he was beaten by some crooked boys in Delhi because he called the girl his girlfriend.

Girlfriend anecdote
Shah Rukh Khan said, ‘I used to live in Green Park then. I had a new girlfriend. However, there was nothing, just like that girl was walking.

When Shah Rukh Khan was going out for a walk with the girl, some goon type boys were following him.

Shah Rukh further said, ‘A boy stopped me and said, who is this? I was at St. Columbia School. I said confidently, this is my girlfriend. He said, “Your sister is not a girlfriend.”

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Shah Rukh kept telling them that she was his girlfriend, but he was not ready to accept. What happened then, those boys beat Shah Rukh.

Then Shah Rukh said in a very funny way, ‘Now the time has come when I go to Delhi with my wife and someone asks who she is, then I say I am my brother-in-law.’

Preparing for the next film
Talking about work, Shah Rukh was last seen in Anand El Rai’s film Zero. He recently announced that he would be working on his next film. However, not much was known about the film. According to reports, he will be seen in Siddharth Anand’s film ‘Pathan’ with Deepika Padukone and John Abraham.

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