Why did Urvashi Olalakia positively hide Corona for 25 days? Published now

Urvashi Dholakia (Photo Credit – @ Urvashi Dholakia / Instagram)

Urvashi Olalakia reveals why she hid the news of Corona being positive for 25 days. When he found out about the COVID-19 infection, he gave his reaction.

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  • Latest version:October 20, 2020, 5:52 pm IST

Mumbai Coronavirus is not taking the name of destruction in the country. Over the past few days, several celebrity coroners have been reported to be positive. On October 10, well-known actress Urvashi Olalakia also shared her fight after defeating Corona. He shared his experience when Kovid was completely free. At the same time, Urvashi revealed why he kept the news of Corona being positive for 25 days. You too will be surprised to know the reason behind this.

In fact, Urvashi ola lokia He did not give any information about it immediately after he was attacked by Corona, but when he was released from Kovid, he himself informed everyone through social media. At the same time, he has given a time to times Interview I asked why they did this. He says he doesn’t want people’s attitudes to change for them and people start to get scared of them. He added that when he fully recovered from Corona, he set foot outside the house.

He said ‘it started at 6am, which is quite amazing. I was already complaining of low BP, so when my BP started to go down in the morning, I suspected that something was wrong. But I did not understand. I am very careful and rarely go out of the house, I just go out for a haircut. I was surprised that even after taking all the precautions I was infected. My fight was also emotional because I have an 8 year old mother and two sons.

Urvashi says he is still afraid to stand next to his mother. He told how he would break his heart at that time. In addition to health, everyone in the house had to stay away from them, but now Urvashi is in good health and is paying special attention to her health.


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