Why did Shah Rukh Khan have to request the fans?

New Delhi Shah Rukh Khan has seen many ups and downs in his career, but he has never regretted his decision. Shah Rukh Khan started a question and answer session with his Twitter handle. During ‘#SSRK’, fans asked him many questions about his personal life and the film.

No regrets for choosing a bad script
One of his fans asked Shah Rukh Khan if he regretted choosing a bad script in the last ten years? Shah Rukh’s reply was, ‘You should believe what you do. It has to be stuck. Acquisition and acceptance are in the hands of the listener. You have to believe in yourself.

Breaking the speculation

Shah Rukh Khan was last seen in 2018 in Anand El Rai’s film Zero. Shah Rukh has not announced any picture since then. There is a lot of speculation about his new film, but the actor has denied it all.

The next picture will take a year to come

When a fan asked King Khan about his next film, he said, ‘Shooting will start, then the construction will be over. It looks like the movie will take about a year to release.

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Love this time, people from a little distance

The actor urged his fans not to gather outside his bungalow Mannat on his 55th birthday on November 2. Khan said, ‘I am not asking anyone to join the crowd. Be it my birthday or whatever! Now I love people from a little distance.

Every year Shah Rukh greets the fans from his verandah on the occasion of his verandah. From midnight his fans started gathering outside the bungalow.

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