While writing about Rohit Preet’s relationship, Neha Kakkar wrote, “You are mine, Rohan replied – meet my life.”

11 days ago

Popular singer Neha Kakkar due to her relationship with Rohan Preet Singh and marriage news. According to reports, Singer is going to marry Rohan Preet in Delhi on October 23, for which a wedding card has also been distributed. Now, the actress has confirmed all these news and has announced her love affair with Rohan Preet.

On Friday, Neha Kakkar shared a beautiful picture of herself and Rohan Preet. Sharing this, Singer wrote, ‘You are mine’. Neha has also named her and Rohan’s pair the hashtag ‘Rohupreet’. In a romantic reply to Neha’s Insta post, Rohan wrote, ‘Babu I love you so much, Mary Jan. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Commenting, Rohan shared the emoji of Preet Kan.

After Neha, Rohan Preet also shared the picture with Neha and informed her world. In addition to announcing the relationship between the two, they are getting congratulations from fans and friends in the industry.

Neha Kakkar made special demands from Neha

The singer recently shared a video from the set of Indian Idol so that he can be seen eating cake with Himesh. Neha liked this chocolate cake so much that she demanded Rohan Preet to eat the cake every day. In the story, Neha writes, ‘Rojpreet, I have to eat rose cake’. In response, Singer wrote, ‘Yes, Joe Spades, Mary Jan, Mary Babu Doll, your necklace in front of your head.

Neha Kakkar’s Insta Story.

The wedding will take place on October 23 in Delhi

According to reports, Neha Kakkar will marry Rohan Preet on October 23 in Delhi. It is going to be a simple marriage involving only a few close relatives. Neha is said to have stopped last month, whose picture has also been released. In the photo, Neha is posing holding the hands of her parents Rohan Preet.


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