Which action of Yash Chopra made his mother cry?

New Delhi Today marks the eighth anniversary of the country’s great filmmaker Yash Chopra. Even today, Yashraj Banner is making successful films. He was called the ‘King of Romance’. He wanted the same.
He became active in film in the sixties. His romantic films were made in different colors. Apart from romance, Yash Chopra has done many successful genre films. His ‘Wall’, ‘Kala Pathar’ is considered as a milestone in the film.

Steps lost in youth
Yash Chopra was born in Pakistan. When Yash Chopra was young, he befriended boys who beat and stole. Yash Chopra once deposited a small bomb in his house, which accidentally exploded.

When Yash’s mother found out where the bomb had been placed and had a stolen watch, she screamed. He did not reprimand or beat Yash. She just cries all night.

Relatives have been sent to study

In the morning, Yash went to his mother and apologized, saying that he would never do anything that made her cry. His mother sent him to Rohatak to be sent to more relatives.

Meanwhile, the country was divided and Yash Chopra’s entire family moved to Mumbai. Yash’s elder brother Balraj joined the film. He wanted Yash to go to London for engineering, but Yash got so much in the film world that he started working as an assistant director in his brother’s film for five hundred rupees a month.

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Forget marriage because of work
Yash Chopra made one film after another for his brother’s film company ‘BR Chopra Films’. The work was so busy that until the age of thirty-eight he could not remember that he too had to get married. Meanwhile, the hair on his head was gone, the young girls began to cut them. Yash Chopra did not expect that he would ever marry a beautiful girl.

Once he went to Delhi to meet his acquaintance. It turned out that a girl in his house was a great fan of his movie and wanted to meet him. She was Pamela Chopra alias Pam. It was only after meeting Pam that Yash realized that he had found the heroine of his life.

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