When the user asked the bra-sized TV actress, she stopped talking with the appropriate answer

New Delhi: TV star Sayantani Ghosh is known for her great acting. But this time he has come to the news not for his acting, but for restlessness. Sayantani recently held a session to connect with her fans, in which people asked her many questions, but one user crossed the line.

Asking strange questions from Sayantani

TV and movie celebrities often have interactive sessions with their fans on social media, through which their loved ones ask them some questions, but every time some such silly and irrational questions come up in such a national session. Sayantani also posted a Q&A session on Instagram, but a fan asked her a question that made someone angry.

He gave a good answer to Sayantani’s question

One user, crossing all boundaries, asked Sayantani Ghosh the size of her bra (user asked Brant size from Sayantani Ghosh), so the actress gave a suitable answer. Sayantani replied, ‘First tell me the size or level of your IQ. I don’t think it will be zero either.

Sayantani’s career

People are very fond of this answer of Sayantani Ghosh and are also saying bad things about the user asking the question. Let me tell you that Sayantani started her acting career in 200k with ‘Kumkum-Ek Pare Sa Bandhan’ and since then she has acted in many shows and serials. Sayantani Ghosh has also acted in several Bengali films and the Bollywood film ‘Himmat Wala’ starring Ajay Devgn.


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