When the director serted the kissing scene in the film without saying the 15-year-old line, the hero Biswajit kissed hard for 5 minutes.

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October 10 Line is 65 years old. His life was very hectic. Rekha has spent 54 years in the film industry but her journey has never been easier. Rekha entered the industry at the age of 11 as a child artist. After that, she also appeared in the movie ‘Anjana Safar’ at the age of 15. An anecdote associated with this film is still famous today.

Biswajit kissed hard

An incident in the photo set made the line alous inside. This incident is also mentioned in his autobiography: The Untold Story. The book, written by Yasir Usman, states that Anjana Safar was shot at Mehboob Studios in Mumbai in 1969. Raja was a director and photographer in Nava. One day a romantic scene was shot with Biswajit and Rekha.

The people in the unit were playing seats

Before the shooting of the scene, all the techniques were made with it. As soon as the director called it ‘Action’, Biswajit filled the line with Army and started kissing them. Rekha was shocked to see this. He was not given any information about this kiss in the scene. The camera kept going, no director called Kat or Biswajit did not stop. He continued to kiss the line for five minutes straight. Seeing this, the unit members were whistling. Rekha closed her eyes and burst into tears.

Biswajit was defeated

Biswajit later said about the incident, it was the director’s idea. He was not at fault because he was following the director’s instructions. It wasn’t for entertainment, but was an important part of the scene. Rekha has deceived herself after this scene and is very angry. This incident frightened him a lot.


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