When the controversial female religious teacher Radhe Ma went to the reality TV show Bigg Boss, the Akhra Parishad said.

Akhra Parishad has taken a stand on the mother of controversial female religious leader Radhe. (Photo: File)

Akhil Bharatiya Akhra Parishad president Mahanta Narendra Giri said Radhe Maa had no contact with any of the courtyards. He said that Radhe’s mother was neither a monk nor a nun.

Prayagraj Controversy has erupted on social media over the inclusion of controversial woman Sukhwinder Kaur alias Radhe Maa in the much-awaited show Bigg Boss. On social media, there is a lot of talk about Santan Dharma in Radhe Maa Bigg Boss. The All India Akhra Parishad (Akhil Bharati Akhra Parishad), the largest organization of He Shi saints, came forward due to the tensions created by Radhe Ma Big sitting and the notoriety of Sanatan religion. Akhra Parishad has completely distanced itself from Ra Dhe Ma.

Radhe mother or monk or nun: Mahanta Narendra Giri

Akhil Bharati Akhra Parishad president Mahanta Narendra Giri has said that Radhe Maa has nothing to do with any courtyard. He said that Radhe’s mother was neither a monk nor a nun. He said that in the past Juna Akhra had given him the title of Mahamandaleshwar for propagating and spreading the traditional religion, but after finding out the truth about him, Juna Akhra also expelled him from the Akhra. Mahanta Narendra Giri said that Radhe is a mother and she goes to which show? It may be their personal matter, so that the akhra has nothing to do with the council or the saints.

‘Radhe’s mother has no knowledge of religious beliefs’Mahanta Narendra Giri said that Radhe’s mother did not have any information about religious beliefs. He says that religion is not established just by singing and dancing. Mahanta Narendra Giri urged the people not to see Radhe Maa in the section of Heshi and Sadhus. He said that if Radhe’s mother works against the Sanatan religion, the Akhra Council will also take action. Mahanta Narendra Giri said that he would talk to Mahanta Hari Giri, the advisor of Juna Akhra and general secretary of Akhra Parishad, about Radhe’s mother. However, he claimed that Radhe Maa, who has come to Sanatan tradition at present, is not in any field.

Let us know that on 2nd December 2018, Radhe Maa Prayagraj returned as Mahamandaleshwar at Juna Arena before the Divine Swarik and Grand Aquarius held in January 2019. However, due to a dispute related to him, Radhe’s mother Prayagraj did not take part in the procession at the previous Juna Akhra of Kumbh Mela.


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