When Shah Rukh Khan removed the telling Shwarya Rai from many pictures without saying anything, the former Miss World revealed herself

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Bollywood actress and former Miss World Ishwar Rai Bachchan has turned 47 years old. Born in Mangalore on November 1, 1973, Aishwarya has been active in film since 199. He has worked with Shah Rukh Khan in ‘Josh’, ‘Devdas’ and ‘Mohabbatain’. However, there was a time when Shah Rukh Khan dropped 5 Shriya from about 50 films. It was revealed by Ishwar himself on Simi Grewal’s show ‘Randivu with Simi Grewal’.

“I haven’t found the reason yet,” he said

During the conversation, Shwarya was asked what is the reason for excluding her from about 50 films of Shah Rukh Khan including Bira Zara? He replied, “How can I answer that? Yes, there was talk of a few films at the time, where we were going to work together. Then suddenly nothing happened, without any explanation. Why did I get it and never get an answer?”

Simi further told Ishwarya that Shah Rukh Khan said in an interview that it happened because he was involved in his (w Shwariya) personal life. He also admitted that he should not have done so. Ishwariya Rai said, “I have no answer. But I have not decided not to make a movie.”

Shah Shwarya never questioned Shah Rukh

How did Shwarya feel after being kicked out of such a big project? In response, he said, “I clearly had no explanation at the time. I was shocked, shocked and injured.”

If you want to know whether he has asked Shah Rukh about this? So he replied, “I don’t have that kind of disposition. If a person thinks he needs to expand, he will do it. If he doesn’t, what is the point of going and asking him why and why not?”

Shah Rukh apologized to Ishwar

In an interview in 2003, Shah Rukh said, “It’s very difficult to start a project with someone and then change it without making a mistake. It’s sad, because Ishwariya is my best friend. Personally, I think I made a mistake.


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