When Ranveer Kapoor revealed the secret of his first date, he said – the girl was crying and …

Ranbir Kapoor (Photo Credit – RanbirKapur / Instagram)

A throwback video of Ranbir Kapoor going viral, where he was seen revealing about his first date. They reported that the girl was crying.

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Mumbai Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor’s love life may be in the headlines but he himself is quite reserved with his personal life. He is rarely seen talking about his girlfriend or relationship. However, he once revealed about his first girlfriend. He said that his first date was quite strange, when the girl was crying and he said in front of Ranbir that he did not believe her. At the same time, you will be surprised to know about Ranbir’s age during the first date.

In fact, Ranbir Kapoor An old video is going viral on social media. This video dates back to when he went to comedian Kapil Sharma’s show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. This time, a girl asked him ‘You must have dated a lot of girls, but remember what your first date was like?’ … Watch this video of Ranbir Kapoor going viral –

At the request of this girl, Ranbir Kapoor revealed about his first date and that girl. “When I was in eighth grade, a girl was standing in the corner crying at a terrace party. When I asked the girl why she was crying, she said I didn’t believe you,” he said. Everyone present on the show laughed at Ranbir’s words and thought this story was very beautiful.


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