When Deepika, Shraddha, Sara got the summons, Kangana said – for the first time Bollywood mafias think, hopefully Sushant would not have been killed

A month ago

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Kangana is vocal on every issue nowadays. Even today he did not remain silent. The NCB summoned her after she was named as one of Bollywood’s A-listers in a drug connection. As the news went viral, Kangana reacted strongly. He tweeted – Today, the Bollywood mafia must have thought for the first time that I did not want Sushant to be killed.

Kangana gave some hints

Kangana did not stop there. He also wrote for himself. He wrote – I hope Kangana was not pushed across the wall. For the first time he regrets his cruelty, sadness and silence. They are wishing for the first time that they can bring back the past. To bring us back.

In the last line Kangana writes for herself that we can bring her back. It is feared that he will return to Bollywood again. However, Kangana’s upcoming film has names like Thalaivi, Kakad, Tejas.

The NCB will hold an interrogation on September 25

Deepika Padukone has been summoned to ask her manager Karisma Prakash in a chat about hashish, a weed drug. This chat came up during Jaya Saha’s interrogation. Whose code names were D and K. The NCB then called Deepika on September 25. Deepika is currently in Goa.

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