When celebrity family feuds surfaced: Amisha Patel was beaten with slippers by her mother, a Kashmiri comment set fire to mama-nephew Govinda and Krishna

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6 minutes ago

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Arguments between family members are common. This also applies to Bollywood families. There are many celebrities in Bollywood whose family issues came to the fore. Let’s take a look at some of these celebrities.

Krishna Abhishek

The difference between Krishna and his uncle Govinda is not a secret. Govinda was a guest on The Kapil Sharma Show and did not take part in the Govinda Show recently. In fact, the reason for these two is a social media comment by Krishna’s wife Kashmira Shah, which created unrest among Govinda. Kashmira described a star in exchange for money, who was associated with Govinda at the same time returning to perform at a wedding ceremony. After this tweet of 2018, the gap between the two families became so deep that the two didn’t even like to see each other.

John Kumar Sanu

Bigg Boss 14 contestant John Kumar Sanu also has no relationship with his father Kumar Sanu. There is a point of complaint between the two. His father abandoned him when he was a child, and his mother, Rita, grew up with him. Kumar Sanu remarried leaving behind his wife and son. Recently, after Big Kumar John Kumar Sanu’s insult to Marathi language, his father raised questions about his upbringing, then life spread. Since then, the dispute between the two has been deepening.

Amisha Patel

In 2004, Amisha accused her family of abusing her earnings. He filed a case against his father for Rs 12 crore. The fight gets worse when Amisha’s relationship with director Vikram Bhatt is over.

Amisha told the media in an interview, ‘My parents did not want me to meet Vikram or marry him. They wanted me to marry someone with money. When I ask her about her money, she starts arguing with me. Not only that, once they saw me with Vikram at 4 am, my mother beat me with my slippers. After that, he often started beating me. Annoyed by the daily beatings, I left home.

Phantom Babbar

Pritik’s relationship with her father Raj Babbar was not good at one time. In an interview, she said that as a child, her father never even tried to find out about her condition. He was always busy with his family. After which Pritik decided to leave his nickname ‘Babbar’ so that everyone would know that there is nothing in common between him and Raj Babbar. But later the situation changed and Preetak forgot all the allegations and improved his relationship with Raj Babbar.

In fact, when Raj Babbar adopted him, Preetak once became addicted to drugs and as a result the relationship improved. In 2019, Raj Babbar Pranik was married to Sana Sagar in style.

Faizal Khan

Aamir’s brother Faizal Khan was seen in ‘Mela’ (2000). After working on a few films, Faisal did not succeed in the industry. It is said that because of this he lost his mental balance and one day ran away from home without saying anything. However, Faizal returned a few days later. On his return he made many complaints against his brother Amir.

He said Amir kept him under house arrest. He became mentally ill and was forced to take drugs. Faizal also alleged possession of Amir’s property. Faizal’s allegations against Aamir caused panic in the industry. However, at this time Faizal was battling mental illness. But now Faizal has recovered and his relationship with Aamir is fine.

Kangana Ranot

At one point, Kangana did not get along with her father Amardeep Ranot. Kangana wanted to build a career in modeling and acting, but her father was against it. He wanted to make his daughter a doctor.

Kangana was admitted to DAV School in Chandigarh for medical studies. Kangana had no interest in books at DAV School. Kangana has been interested in modeling since then.

Kangana started liking modeling so much that she dropped out of school and moved from hostel to PG. When the father found out about this, he also beat Kangana.

According to reports, Kangana’s father has not spoken to her for several years due to her running away from home and working on the film. But now the father is very happy with the success of the daughter and there is no argument between the two.


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