When celebrities became the parents of twins: Sanjay became the father of twins after his third marriage to Manayata, twins were born at home in Kashmir who could not get pregnant 14 times.

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Ahna Twins, the youngest daughter of Hema Malini and Dharmendra, has given birth to twins. Ahna Deol was married in 2014 to Vaibhav Bhohra, son of Delhi-based businessman Bipin Bhohra. There is a wave of happiness in the family after the birth of twin daughters. However, let me tell you that many Bollywood celebrities have also fathered twins before Ahna.

Sanjay Dutt-Moynata Dutt

Sanjay Dutt has married three times. Sanjay Dutt married Richa Sharma in 1977, but he died in the United States in 1996 due to a brain tumor. Sanjay later married model Riya Pillai, but the two divorced in 2005. Later in 2008 Sanjay married Mania. After which Manta gave birth to twins in 2010. There is a son Shahran and a daughter Ikra.

Shatrughan Sinha-Poonam Sinha

Shatrughan Sinha and his wife Poonam are also the parents of twin boys. After marriage in 1970, Poonam gave birth to twin sons Love and Kush in 1983. Prem made her Bollywood debut with ‘Sadian’, this time contesting for the Congress party in the Bihar elections but facing defeat.

Karan Johar

Karan Johar’s children Yash and Ruhi are twins. Both were born with surrogacy. Karan, 48, became a father in 2016 through surrogacy. Karan’s son and daughter are 4 years old.

Krishna Abhishek and Kashmiris Shah

Krishna and Kashmiri became the parents of twin boys only in May 2017. Babies were born through surrogacy. After the birth of the children, Kashmiri said in an interview, “I also took myself away from my job to do family planning and tried to conceive for many years but it didn’t happen. Naturally when I was pregnant I didn’t even use IVF technique. I failed to conceive 14 times. I was in poor health. I gained a lot of weight. “

“Later, it became very difficult for me to lose weight. My waist was 24 to 32 years old and this episode was very painful for me but I did not give up. In the meantime, many people commented that I am not pregnant for this figure.” But it’s not like I tried my best. I really want to thank the surrogate mother who gave birth to my children and suffered so much. “

Karanvir Bohra and TJ Sidhu

On October 19, 2016, former Bigg Boss contestant and television actor Karanveer and his wife became the parents of twin daughters. Now the girls are 4 years old and soon the couple is going to be parents.


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