When Ali Zafar was questioned, Tapsi Pannu got angry, find out the reason

Tapsi Pannu is known for her impeccable style. He is known for speaking in front of everyone. Nowadays, Tapasi is busy promoting her film ‘Badla’. In this film, she will be seen in the role of a business wife who is caught in a murder case. However, in the meantime, another news related to Tapsi is being published.

Tapsi has commented about Ali Zafar

Tapsi Pannu is currently busy promoting her upcoming film Change. During the campaign, he is talking openly with the media. In such a situation, during an interview, when Tapasi was asked a question about Ali Zafar, Tapasi spoke openly about it. In fact, after the recent Pulwama terrorist attack, a speech by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan praised Ali Zafar, then he too became a troll. When asked about this, he said, ‘I don’t understand, do you want them as a Pakistani that the country should not support them?’ Speaking to Times Now, Tapsi said, ‘He is already banned and we are all happy about it but how do I support my country and make me a Pakistani troll. That’s what they were doing when I did it after the Pulwama terrorist attack. What do you expect ‘

It’s stupid

Tapasi further said, ‘This is his country. If he does not support his prime minister, he will become a troll anyway. We trolls here when we don’t consider our victory. It is foolish to expect anything else from them. Being banned here doesn’t mean they can’t work. They are working there and will do it. They should celebrate the achievements of their country and give us what we are doing. Of course they will support their country and what is wrong with that? ‘


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