When Akshay’s wife said- Husbands stop working properly after one year of marriage just like they don’t bring warranty like fridge.

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Akshay Kumar’s wife Twinkle Khanna is an actress as well as a writer and she is known for her fun style. An excerpt from an earlier article that went viral in the media, which he wrote for his digital platform Tweet India on the occasion of Valentine’s Day in February this year. In it, Twinkle expressed her thoughts about husbands.

‘Husbands stop working properly after one year’

In part of Twinkle’s article that went viral, she wrote, “These animals, called husbands, don’t stop working properly after a year of marriage. Like the refrigerator, it also comes with an extended warranty. No. So you get stuck with this animal who gets you on the ground once.” Not allowed to keep, now tell him to move away from the coffee table, then it starts to spread. “

‘Ministers will get married without going to jail’

Twinkle gave this article ‘The mantra of staying in marriage without going to jail’. It was dedicated to women as a Valentine’s gift.

In the article Twinkle writes that once she and her husband (Akshay) were training their daughter (Nitara) for a karate test, Akshay was secretly watching cricket on his iPad. Seeing this he got so angry that he wanted to punch him. But remembering Lala Clayton’s case, he stopped.

Lala Clayton spent 25 years in prison

In January of this year, South Carolina-based Lala Clayton was jailed for 25 years on charges of murdering her husband. He made his drink by mixing eye drops in the drinks. But Lala said she did not want to kill her husband, only wanted to harass him.

Made this method to teach the husband

According to Twinkle, she changed her husband’s iPad password to avoid legal stalks after she was very happy to see her husband repeatedly trying to password.

Twinkle writes at the end of his article, “I just hope that my ‘Batata Bhada’ (Akshay) will not read this article, or that I will not find myself in ‘Bell’ but will be able to find myself in a secluded prison somewhere far away

Akshay-Twinkle got married in 2001

Akshay and Twinkle were married in January 2001. He became the father of son Arv in 2002 and his daughter Nitara in 2012, ten years later. It is said that Twinkle laid down a condition that Akshay would plan another baby only if he started working on the film. Akshay obeyed his wife and started selecting films seriously.


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