When Akshay Kumar’s film was named only ‘Lakshmi’, Mukesh Khanna said – ‘Lower the bomb’

Mukesh Khanna’s Insta post is going viral on social media.

‘Lakshmi’ was earlier named ‘Lakshmi Bom’, but after a controversy over the name of the film, the makers of the film changed it to ‘Lakshmi’.

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New Delhi. Veteran Bollywood actor said Akshay Kumar The much awaited film ‘Lakshmi’ was preceded by ‘Lakshmi Bom’, but after a controversy over the name of the film, the makers of the film changed its name to ‘Lakshmi’ only. Veteran actor before Mukesh Khanna He posted a post on his Instagram about deactivating ‘Lakshmi Boma’ and when the name of the picture was changed, Mukesh Khanna made another post to deactivate the bomb

This post by Mukesh Khanna is going viral
In his Insta post, Mukesh said, ‘It is a matter of joy for me and the conscious countrymen of the country that the title of this film has only become Lakshmi. The bomb has been removed, but it is a matter of joy that it will become an example of history. No producer would dare to humiliate us for insulting our gods in this way. This post of Mukesh Khanna is now going viral on social media.

Earlier, he wrote in his Insta post, ‘People in this Dussehra film do it because they know it will have sound. People will shout, then they will be silent, but the film will be promoted. The film must be released. Will people be overwhelmed to see what’s in this movie in the theater on the first day? What does the title of the picture mean? It’s happening… it will happen it must stop! And this public can only do it by Janardhan. One thing is clear. Hindus have no fear or apprehension in these commercial people. They think he is tolerant. Understand soft goals. They know that swords will come out if they belong to any other religion or group. That is why the title of the film is not made with them.


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