What happened to the actor of ‘Mehndi’: Faraj Khan returned to work after delivery-e-khak, his brother Fahman said he had a rare disease

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Fahman and Faraz Khan. Faraj Khan died on November 3 at a hospital in Bangalore. Photo courtesy – Spotboy.

Actor Faraj Khan, who starred in ‘Mehndi’ and ‘Fareb’, had to return a day after the delivery of his brother Fahman, promising to shoot him. He is playing the role of Dr. Bir Pratap Singh Rajawat in the recently launched show ‘Nijne Samay Aayega’. Fahman returned to Mumbai on Thursday and started shooting the same day. In a conversation with an entertainment website, Fahman spoke about Faraj’s illness. He further added that the whole family was deeply saddened by his death.

His illness was rare: Fahman

Speaking to Spotboy, Fahman said: “Honestly, his illness was rare. The doctors tried their best. The other virus was not a very deadly virus. The doctor told us that he had bacteria in his body. Did. “

Immunity was very low

“The human body’s immune system should be at least 70,000, but its immunity has dropped to 23.9, so no antibiotics are working in its body. And it has been going on for a long time. One of my tests was don’t remember the word treatment,” Fahman said. But a virus came to his mind, which caused him a lot of problems and then his body reacted. “

Faraj was ill for about a year and a half

According to Fahman, Faraj had been ill for about a year and a half. “He had been suffering from health problems for about two and a half years. Initially, he had tuberculosis. He has been undergoing treatment ever since. During this time, a variety of bacteria accumulated in his body,” he said.

News of his brother’s death was received shortly after returning from the shooting

“I was in constant contact with my family. The morning I was informed that his condition was critical, the family informed me of his death at around 9pm. The moment he breathed his last, then another brother, his wife,” Fahman said. And my cousin was in the hospital. When I got this sad news, I got home from the shoot. The next morning I arrived in Bangalore to attend his janaza. “


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