Watch the video of Bhojpuri actress Shubh Sharma’s new song ‘Dhir Dhir Bhire Kara’

(Photo courtesy: Instagram @ Shubh_Sharma_Official)

Shubh Sharma has come up with a new gift for his loved ones, also in the form of great video songs.

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  • Latest version:November 24, 2020, 7:05 p.m.

New Delhi. Famous actress of Bhojpuri films Shubh Sharma She has brought a new gift for her loved ones, also in the form of great video songs. This latest video song of Shubh Sharma has been launched from Morning Star Records channel ‘Fagua Bhojpuri’. Sahil Ambarsia, CEO of Morning Star Records, said that the theme of the song is based on the current Covid-19 situation where the husband is advising his beautiful wife to spend some money due to low income.

This beautiful song is adorned with the famous singer Lado Madesia in her famous voice, many of whose songs have already proved to be superhits. However, let us know more. Earlier, Akanksha Dubey’s song ‘Komar Kar Til’ was also released from this channel, which people liked very much.

The song has millions of views on the short video platform Spark. People are uploading videos on ‘Kamar Kar Til’ on social media. Well, there are also great expectations from the creators of the new songs. Now we have to see how much the listeners like the Bhojpuri song ‘Dhir Dheere Kharach Kara’.


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