Virat’s message heavy on Anushka: Virat Kohli advised not to explode on Diwali, social media users trolled Anushka

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One minute ago

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In Diwali, cricketer Virat Kohli greeted the fans and appealed not to explode in his message. However, social media users did not like his message. They are trolling him badly with his wife and actress Anushka Sharma. Anushka #Anushka_Apna_Kut_Samble is trending on Twitter.

Heard and searched trolls

One Twitter user wrote in his tweet, “Virat celebrates his birthday 10 days ago while releasing oxygen. When Diwali comes, the same firecrackers started polluting Bak.

One user tweeted, “We will explode firecrackers. Banning firecrackers in the name of pollution is an indirect attack on Hindu culture. Every time we Hindus have to suffer. Why become a nationalist?”

One user tweeted, “Banning fireworks on Diwali is like banning goats and goats from trees on Christmas.”

Some memes, created after the huge message …


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