Viral video: Ranbir Singh kisses Deepika on award show, then hugs Ranbir, watch the video

Bollywood’s power pack actor Ranveer Singh came to participate in the Zee Cinema Awards last day. Where his wife Deepika also appeared with the actor. Ranveer Singh was given several awards here. When Ranveer Singh was called on stage during the show, he got a very different look. Watch this special video of Ranveer Singh.

As you can see in this video, we can clearly see how Ranbir Singh was called from the stage and he got up and kissed his wife Deepika Padukone .. Ranbir doesn’t stop here, after this Ranbir Singh goes straight to Ranbir Kapoor. And hug them tightly. Ranbir’s style was very special. Ranbir Kapoor congratulates the actor and goes to see Ranveer Alia for the award.

[ यह भी पढ़ें: OMG: सरेआम एक्स बॉयफ्रेंड रणबीर के साथ दीपिका ने की ऐसी हरकत, तस्वीर देख रणवीर, आलिया को होगी जलन ]

This style of Ranveer Singh makes him the most different and special in Bollywood, in fact Ranbir is not only an actor but he is also amazing in his personal life. Deepika has said many times about Ranveer. He himself still did not know that Ranveer Singh had brought so much power.


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