Viral Video: Aamir Khan has arrived in New York to make a body here, to watch amazing videos

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan has recently gone to America. It was Mr. Perfectionist’s habit to come back whenever he took a break from filming. Then whether it is ‘Ghajini’ or ‘Dangal’. It is known that Aamir Khan has gone to America to make his own body. With this he is going to completely transform himself here.

Recently, fitness instructor Jeff posted a video of Aamir Khan on YouTube. In this video, Aamir Khan is sitting and talking with him. In the video, Aamir Khan reveals that if he came to America for some work, he thought he would continue to meet Jeff. Aamir said he watches a lot of Jeff’s fitness videos. In addition to talking to Jeff, Aamir Khan has worked extensively with him.

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Aamir Khan is currently working on his dream project Mahabharata. Aamir Khan has gone to America for work. Let me tell you, Aamir Khan arrived in New York and met Shi Kapoor here.


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