Vijay Raj Trouble: Vijay Raj came out of the film due to allegations of indecency – it’s a huge pain to see his family and himself die every day

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Author: Amit Karna2 minutes ago

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Actor Vijay Raj is controversial these days. He is accused of insulting an assistant director during the shooting of ‘Lioness’. ‘Singh’ was shot in Balagat, Madhya Pradesh. Vijay Raj has been dropped from the picture. Vijay is currently in Mumbai. He was deeply shocked to see this. He told the daily sculptor – it is infinite pain. It is sad to see your father, daughter, family, respect, dignity and yourself die silently every moment in front of your own eyes.

The lawyer defended

Vijay Raj has been protected by his lawyer Sabina Bedi Sachar. He quoted Rule 10 of Section 14 of the POSH Act. Its provisions punish the complainant with false or malicious allegations. Savina told Daily Bhaskar, “It is unfortunate that the accused have been dealt with in accordance with the ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy even before the investigation began.” It often leaves a characterless scar on the forehead of men. The POS Act should not be used to deprive men of their right to justice.

Sabina added, “It is a well-known slogan in our country that an innocent person should not be punished even if 99 people are convicted.” No one is guilty of it until his guilt is proven. I hope this policy has been properly applied in this case. Since the matter is in court, I cannot comment on the complainant’s allegations. However I am sure that my clients will be able to present their case and evidence in the Honorable Court. They are sure that they will get justice from the justice system of our country.

Supported by Umesh Shukla

At the same time, director Umesh Shukla, who worked with Vijay in the upcoming film Ankh-Michauli, has also defended the actor. Speaking to Daily Vaskar, he said, “I am making these allegations wrong. I also worked with him. Vijay treats everyone well. There are very sociable people. Our team also had two assistant director girls. There was also a girl in the clothing department. He only treated everyone in Tehzeeb.

It is very wrong to remove someone just because of a complaint. Action should be taken against anyone based on the evidence found in the investigation. I don’t think so. Everyone knows how much the actor’s brand value will be affected if the allegations are not proven true so it shouldn’t be done so that they catch everyone’s eye. I have never seen Vijay Jit involved in such activities. Speaking from people to people, people sometimes say ‘loose talk’ even in ridiculous jokes, but Vijay Raj never even ‘loose talk’ even in jokes. They care so much.

What’s the matter

The second schedule of Vidya Balan starrer ‘Shereni’ started in Balaghat a while back. But on October 29, Vijay Raj, an assistant director on the sets of Rangers University in Balaghat, publicly accused him of touching her. At first Vijay Raj apologized to the victim in front of the production people. However, after two or three years, the victim filed a police case against Vijay Raj.

Vijay Raj apologized to the victim

Sources said Vijay Raj placed his hand on the victim’s shoulder. Vijay Raj argued that his motive behind it was not wrong. The victim has a daughter of her age.

They can’t even think of a girl their daughter’s age to do it in their dreams. Even if the victim feels wronged, they apologize for it. However, the victim could not forgive him.

Vijay Raj was arrested from Gondia district of Maharashtra after the victim’s allegations. Vijay was sued under IPC 354- (Violation of Women’s Shame). Vijay was released on bail soon after his arrest.


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