Vijay Raj gets into trouble: Producer Vijay Raj will lose Rs 2 crore due to allegations of indecency!

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Bollywood actor Vijay Raj has been thrown out of the movie Balan starrer Vidya Balan on charges of indecency. The producers lost Rs 20 lakh per day on the removal of Vijay Raj. Because Vijay Raj came from the first schedule of the film.

Due to their removal, the film will have to be restarted. That being said, the same scene has to be recreated by artists and producers like Vidya Balan. Vijay Raj has been shooting for a total of 22 days. In such a situation the loss is two crore rupees. The producers do not want to have any controversy over their names. He immediately removed Vijay Raj. Someone else will be thrown in their place.

The victim is an assistant director

According to sources, ‘The second schedule of the film started at Balaghat just 13 days ago. The first schedule was for 13 days at Bhupalasi village before the lockdown. But now, on October 29, Vijay Raj, an assistant director on the sets of Rangers University in Balaghat, publicly accused him of touching her falsely. At first Vijay Raj apologized to the victim in front of the production people. However, two or three years later, the victim filed a police case against Vijay Raj.

Vijay Raj apologized to the victim

Sources said the incident was not about indecent exposure inside the vanity van or about calling a hotel. In the set Vijay Raj put his hand on the victim’s shoulder. Vijay Raj argued that his motive behind it was not wrong. The victim has a daughter of her age.

They can’t even think of a girl their daughter’s age to do it in their dreams. Even if the victim feels wronged, they apologize for it. However, the victim could not forgive him.

Three days later, he filed a police case against Vijay Raj. Sources further said that Vidya Balan and the rest of the actors were shocked to see the incident. However, the shooting continues in the form of ‘Show Must Go On’.

Vijay Raj got bail

Vijay Raj was arrested from Gondia district of Maharashtra on Tuesday following allegations of victimization. Vijay was sued under IPC 354- (Violation of Women’s Shame). Vijay was released on bail soon after his arrest.

Arrested in Dubai on drug charges

Vijay Raj was earlier arrested in 2005 on drug charges in Dubai. He was later released on bail.

Famous for the ‘Cuck Biryani’ scene

Vijayraj Raj became very popular for his ‘Kaua Biryani’ scene in the Bollywood film ‘Run’. Some of his popular films include Dhamal, Welcome, Diwane Hua Pagal, Raghu Romeo, Mumbai Express, Bombay to Goa and Monsoon Wedding.


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