Vidya spoke harshly about Pakistani artists after the Pulwama attack

Bollywood actress Vidya Balan has also come out strongly against the entry of Pakistani artists in Bollywood. He strongly condemned the Pulwama attack. The film industry has also said not to work with Pakistani artists and not to release films in Pakistan. Vidya says a tough position is needed at this point.

A strong stand is required

Vidya Balan has recently made a strong statement about the Pakistani actors working in the film. He says a tough position is needed at this time and it is time to reject all old decisions. Vidya told the media during the airing of her radio show ‘Dhun Badal Ke To Dekho’, ‘I have always believed that industry should be kept away from all boundaries and politics. I think we need to take a stand now. ‘

The best way to bring people together

I tell you that when Bida was asked if art should be kept away from politics, he said, ‘I personally believe that there is no other way to bring people together without art, whatever. It could be music, theater, dance, movies or anything else … but I think we should take a break now. Let’s see … but it’s important to make some tough decisions.


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