Video: When Kangana said at her brother’s wedding – no money, no money in the ladder

Mandi: Kangana Ranaut at her brother’s wedding.

Kangana Ranaut’s brother’s wedding: Film actress Kangana Ranaut’s brother reached Akshay’s ancestral village Bhabla for marriage. This was followed by the first invitations to the marriage of the family gods and the unmarried.

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Market. Bollywood queen Kangana Ranaut has reached her hometown these days. Kangana reached Bhambla in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh to attend her cousin’s wedding and attended her cousin’s wedding. Kangana shared a video of the event on social media, which went viral.

In fact, in the video, Kangana reached out to bless the bride and groom, while the scholar asked her to pay the bride as a fancy. Kangana says in a funny tone about this, ‘Koi paisa de, pais ta moi lende ni hai’. (Give me some money, I didn’t bring any money). As soon as he said this, the people around him and Kangana started laughing.

Kagan’s brother will also get marriedActress Kangana’s brother Akshay Ranaut (Akshay Ranaut) has an affair with an air hostess in Chandigarh. The couple will get married on November 11 in a palace in Jaipur. Earlier, Kangana attended her cousin’s wedding on October 21 and 22.

Played the opening ceremony
Akshay was bathed (yellow and sandalwood paste) in the ancestral village of Vambala for the wedding of actress Kangana Ranaut’s brother Akshay. This was followed by the first invitations to the marriage of the family gods and the unmarried.

Text message with video

While sharing the video, Kangana wrote- ‘Bless Karan and Anjali, our daughter has come to our house today. But when I think of Anjali’s parents, my mind becomes heavy. Today their house will be deserted, they cut off a part of their heart and gave it to us, today their daughter’s house will be empty, there is no more grant than grant.


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