Video Viral: Blinded by the feeling of love, this is what Nishant Soni’s new video on YouTube says, watch here

Right now, we don’t know exactly how we can make our overnight celebrities or trends. Let’s see then. From a boy whose name is Nishantha Soni, he is trending on social media due to his own memes called “Thukra Ke Mera Pya Mera Antakme Dekhegi”. Nishant is a famous YouTuber in India, whose channel is known as ‘NS Ki Duniya’.

Recently, she released a new video of herself, which is a fun part as well as a very good message for lovers on how to celebrate love. I tell you that this artist made a music video a few months ago on the very famous song “Mera Intakam Dekhegi” which drove people crazy and got more than two and a half million views and now the newly launched Valentine music video is expecting a similar response. Unexpectedly, the memes created by his mouth are fully entertaining his followers. Likes and shares that have not stopped on social media have boosted their enthusiasm.

[ यह भी पढ़ें: Shahrukh khan Fan Tweet: फैन का इमोशनल वीडियो देख शाहरुख खान ने लिखा भावुक कर देने वाला ट्वीट, पढ़ें ]

Nishantha Soni has proved that you don’t need anyone to move you towards milestones and the breakup story can also turn into a success story. He took breakups so seriously towards his career that he created himself by following his mantra “wake up wake up”. Not only that, Nishant is an army behind all the creative stuff from his production to post production. He is now an inspiration to many young people and gives him a new perspective that never destroys itself after a breakup but only focuses on your own career so that you can become an inspiration to the whole world. In the words of Nishant Soni, “Just focus on your career, then see the world start focusing on you.”


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