Video: Tiger Shroff’s mother Ayesha jumps into the swimming pool, but forgets the swimsuit

Tiger Shroff with Mummy Ayesha (Instagram @Yeshashroof)

The love story of Jackie Shroff and Ayesha Shroff is quite interesting. Ayesha was 13 when Jackie first saw her.

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Mumbai Mother of Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff Ayesha Shroff Always stay in the headlines for one reason or another. He is very serious about his fitness and we get a glimpse of it on social media. He is often seen sweating in the gym. She shares many videos of her fitness on her Instagram handle. He recently shared a video so he can be seen jumping into the pool.

Ayesha Shroff shared this video on her Instagram handle and wrote – “Had a great day at the farm. Forgot to bring my swimsuit, but who cares” “Ayesha Disha Patni commented on this video -” Crazy A Ayesha’s video has been uploaded by over a thousand people so far. Viewed times and many users have also commented on it.

Ayesha continues to share photos with her family in addition to videos of her fitness on her Instagram handle. Recently, she shared a photo of herself with her husband Jackie Shroff on his birthday (February 1) and congratulated him on his birthday. He also tagged Jackie Shroff, Tiger Shroff and Krishna Shroff in this post. He wrote with the picture – “Happy birthday to the best father in the world”. Your heart is the best in the world “Ayesha was 13 years old when Jackie first saw her. Jackie fell in love with Ayesha. Ayesha was the daughter of a rich family when Jackie was in the rice at the time. Ayesha’s mother did not like the relationship between her and Jackie. On June 5, 1986. After marriage, Ayesha started living in rice with Jackie.


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