Video: Rahul Vaidya raises the issue of nepotism in Bigg Boss’s house, John threatens ‘Baap Pe Mat Ja’

Mumbai From the fight-fighters in the house of Bigg Boss 14 to the romance, you’ve seen a lot before, but this time the house has caught the debate of nepotism. Salman Khan revealed a lot in this house over the weekend, Rahul Vaidya who was very emotional in a situation where Rahul, Nishant, Nikki and Jan were completely separated due to such national friends, has now linked him with ‘Bhatijati’ targeting John Kumar Sanu in the nomination. The controversy over nepotism has intensified since the show’s promo surfaced.

In Monday’s episode, the nomination process is set to take place at Big Boss’s home. A video of the same process has been released, where Rahul is accused of John Napozi. Nominating life, Rahul said, ‘I want to choose life because I have a strong hatred for my nephews. How many people have come here with their own hard work, but life has come here because they are someone’s son. They have no personality of their own.

After Rahul’s remarks, there has been an uproar on social media and many have been seen opposing Rahul and some are protesting. Let us know that the contestant in this show is Jan Kumar Sanu, the son of the famous Singh Kumar Sanu.

Hearing this, Rahul’s family members became very angry. Even Nishant has been seen to call this attack of his life completely unreasonable. At the same time, angry with Rahul’s attitude, he was seen calling Rahul ‘Baap Pe Madur Ja’.


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