Video: Kangana Ranaut’s poem ‘Asman’ has won people’s hearts, she says- ‘There is no purpose or love …’

New Delhi. Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut He has been very active ever since he came to Twitter. He has been seen tweeting continuously on many issues. He has taken to Twitter to answer everyone’s questions. He is also seen answering every question in the tweet as well as asking her questions, but this time Kangana has won the hearts of everyone by tweeting a poem of hers. On Sunday, Kangana shared the poem as a video.

This poem was composed in the summer
Sharing this poem, Kangana wrote in a tweet, ‘The poem I wrote and shot this summer, because winter has come, I miss the sky.’ In this poem you will see some pictures of garden, flowers, blue sky and bracelets in your home. So let’s read this poem written by Kangana first …

‘Assam …’ you say, Assam is a hoax,

I feel my love, which has never happened before
How can you find it?
We will become one …
Drops will fall from my clouds, meet me in tears
When you find me …
Then to my love,

How to deny?
You said I was alone.
Not purpose or love,
Have you ever wondered, I stand at your doorstep every day for the moon and stars
You’ve never looked up,
So how can I assure you of my existence?

Let me inform you, in the previous tweet, Kangana strongly criticized the web series ‘Mirzapur’. He has accused the producers of glorifying criminals in the web series and portraying them as anti-heroes. In his tweet, he even said that ‘Bollywood’ is doing more harm than good. In fact, this tweet was made by Kangana Ranaut because of Nikita’s genocide. Kangana Ranaut wrote in her tweet, ‘When you glorify criminals, it happens when negative and dark characters are played by handsome young men and they are portrayed as opposition heroes, not villains. . Bollywood should be ashamed that it always does more harm than good-evil. ‘


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