Video: Bobby Deol’s ‘Ashram’ season teaser release, actor seen in Prachanda Tewar

The teaser of the second season of the web series ‘Ashram’ has been released.

Following the success of the first season of the MX Player web series ‘Ashram’ (Ashram), director Prakash Jha has released the teaser of the second chapter. Bobby Deol’s performance has been highly praised.

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Mumbai Director Prakash Jha (Prakash Jha) entertained the audience with his digital debut from the web series ‘Ashram’ (Ashram). The debut of digital debutant Bobby Deol has also been highly praised.

Following the huge success of the first chapter of this web series, preparations are underway to release the second season of ‘Ashram’. The teaser for the second season of this web series has appeared, featuring Bobby Deol in the campaign tavare. Bobby Deol, i.e. Bobby Nirala of Kashipur, promised a second season full of excitement and suspension which will be streamed free for MX players from November 11, 2020.

The teaser of the second season of Bobby Deol’s ‘Ashram’ was released on Thursday. It features Bobby Deol and an impressive look. Viewers have given unprecedented love in its first season. It shows Bobby saying, ‘The tradition of the ashram is that I have decided, the rights that I say.’

The surprise love found by the first chapter further increased the audience’s interest in the second chapter, then Bobby Deol said, “I would like to thank the audience for making the first chapter of this series so successful.” Not only this, in the next chapter, this national power is shown in the form of Baba Nirala of Kashipur, where he changes every rule that comes his way and abolishes all the rules that are against him. Dad is shown a direction that is hard to imagine.

The first chapter of ‘Ashram’ (Ashram) shows that the feelings of innocent people were played with in the name of quality. In this web series, a striking connection between faith, crime and politics is shown. Its producer and director is Prakash Jha. The second part of this crime story will be aired on MX Player from November 11, 2020.


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