Video: Anand Mahindra, after listening to this girl’s song, said that Power has a lot of giga voices

New Delhi Prominent industrialists of the country and ‘Ananda Mahindra is the chairman of Mahindra & Mahindra Social They are very active in the media. More than business, he made headlines every day through his posts on social media. Most positions are seen to encourage him. In his latest post, he praised a Punjabi song. Since Anand Mahindra himself is Punjabi, it is bound to like his Punjabi music.

Music is said to be like renewable energy
Anand Mahindra on Twitter After sharing the video, he wrote in his post, ‘I am Punjabi. That is why I am superstitious. But this music is somehow like renewable energy. If you can take a break during the day, take it and recharge your batteries. This young woman’s voice has a lot of GW power. This song is composed by Manab Geet Gill and Simran Kaur Dhadli. Many users tweeted after Anand Mahindra’s tweet and gave the original link of this song to Shilpapati. Sunny Romana composed the music for this song.

The tractor was given as a gift to the farmer
Let me tell you, he recently gave a tractor as a gift to a farmer in Bihar. He made this decision considering the hard work and unique reputation of the farmer. In fact, a man from Bihar has shown a new feat by digging a 3 km long canal alone. It took him 30 years to complete this work. This man is a bunch of bhuiyan, who dug a canal to irrigate his land.

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Praise the water tank maker like Scorpio
Earlier this month, Anand Mahindra praised another man from Bihar. Anand Mahindra wrote with his own tweet. “This inspirational water tank is clearly visible in this picture. From now on, the brand tour of any of our products will not be complete until a customer creates a tank of his design. ”

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For information, let us know that the water tank that a person has built on the roof of his house in Bhagalpur district of Bihar looks like a scorpion car. Now Anand Mahindra, chairman of Scorpio car maker Mahindra Group, has shared a picture of the water tank mentioned on his social media account.


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