Varun had to clarify: ‘Did Pritik Gandhi play the role of Varun Dhawan in the 1992’ scandal ‘, the role of Harshad Mehta, did the actor himself tell the truth?

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8 minutes ago

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Over the last few days, there have been rumors on social media that Varun Dhawan is going to play the role of Harshad Mehta in the 1992 scandal. Now Varun himself has denied these things. He shared a tweet that he wrote – Did you know?

Varun Dhawan will play the iconic character of Harshad Mehta in the 1999 film ‘Scandal’. However, Mehta suggested the name of Preetik Gandhi and after that the history is known to all. Varun wrote that this tweet was wrong, it is not true at all, I think only Pritik Gandhi could be the only choice for this role because he was brilliant in it.

Earlier, web series director Hansal Mehta responded to false rumors in the news. Reports said that Scam 1992 was IMDB’s top rated television program. In this report, Hansal said – this is not true. We are number 21. This news is false. The list of top 250 programs with an IMDB rating of 9.0 includes 21K Scam 1992 to 1992

Pritik worked hard and became Harshad Mehta

Earlier, in an interview with Daily Bhaskar, Pritik spoke about the scandal in 1992 – “I auditioned for the series.” Hansal Sir (Director Hansal Mehta) saw my Gujarati films ‘Do Year’ and ‘Rang Side’.

He also saw my theater work and all these things stayed with me. When Hansal Sir found out that I had also auditioned for this series, he decided that now I would only work on this series. He didn’t even see my audition. He just saw how ready I was for this role.

The scenes that were auditioned are not in the series itself. These scenes were cut while working on the script. I tested seven or eight looks. After the series final, I thought I had gained weight. Then about a month and a half later my look was tested. We did the shooting a year after the first meeting. ”

“During these seven face tests, I ate what I ate before. During this series I gained 18 kg. My stomach grew. I ate more to bring a double chin. I weighed 71 kg before the series and gained 89 kg during the series. , I lost 12-15 kg during the lockdown and I’m back to normal. ‘


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