User Sonu’s interest support, told PR Stunt, Sonu shared the evidence – it’s a matter of purpose, but you don’t understand

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One thousand expatriate Messiah Sonu Sood assisted thousands during the lockdown. This stream of support is still going on. There are some people who think that Sonu Sud is not presenting himself in front of the people and his motives are not good. These issues come to light when a user described his assistance as a PR stunt.

The work of PR wanted the help of PR from the people
Asking a question, the user wrote – New Twitter account, only 2 or 3 followers, a tweet. Never tagged Sonu. No location specified. No contact details, email address. However, Sonu found the tweet and offered to help. In the past, even those who came to help deleted their tweets. The PR team works the same way.

Sonu posted a receipt for Snil’s treatment
Sonu Sood answers this user’s question in the same way as they are helping the needy. Sonu took a screen shot in response to the user’s help. Receipt of the hospital where Snehil was treated was a photograph of Snehil’s second year and a half.

Sonu writes- This is the best part brother. I searched for a poor man and they somehow found me. It’s all about purpose, but you don’t understand. The patient will be in the hospital tomorrow. Send some fruit for him. 2-3 followers are very happy when they get some love from someone including many followers.

Still users continue to raise questions
However, user Ishi Bagri Satishfai did not appear. Because he wrote after seeing the reports – see the dates, reported – 17th September. The surgery was performed: 25 September. Tweeted – 20 October. Assistance was promised – October 20. Basically you have promised to help someone who has already been treated. Remove your PR team that exposed your fraud.


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