Unlock-5: 7 months later, the cinema hall is open from today, these rules must be followed to watch the movie.

Only 50 percent of the hall’s full capacity visitors will be able to come inside. (PTI)

Many provisions of Unlock-5 have come into effect from today. After a long wait, cinema halls, multiplexes, swimming pools and amusement parks will be opened from today. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has issued detailed guidelines for theaters and multiplexes. So that under no circumstances does the condition of corona infection arise.

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  • Latest version:October 15, 2020, 10:44 AM IST

New Delhi. A number of exemptions for Corona virus epidemic (Covid-19 epidemic) under Unlock-5 are effective from today. The guidelines issued by the Union Home Ministry (MHA) state that cinema halls, amusement parks and swimming pools will be opened after October 15. From today, multiplexes are being opened in ten states and four union territories of the country. From Thursday, the films will start appearing on its 487 screens. However, only half of the audience will enjoy the film compared to the previous audience in the cinema hall. The ministry has allowed the films to be reviewed with 50 per cent power.

Let’s find out what are the rules for going to the cinema to watch a movie:

Only those over the age of years and under the age of 60 can enter the cinema hall.

You need to have a healing bridge app on your mobile to get inside the cinema hall.

One seat after another will be vacant in the cinema hall, only 50 percent of the audience in the hall will be able to come inside.

Those who enter the cinema hall must always wear a mask. Also, you need to take care of social distance.

Proper ventilation needs to be arranged inside the cinema hall. The temperature of the AC should be kept above 23 degrees.

There will be a complete ban on eating and drinking anything while watching movies.

The whole process of buying tickets will be online. You will not be able to get tickets at the counter.

Entrance and exit gates to cinema halls, lobbies will be sanitized from time to time and cinema halls will be cleaned after each ceremony.

The cinema hall director will be responsible for providing sanitizer to all the spectators.


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