Udaipur: Kangana’s brother Akshar’s wedding will be held on November 11 and 12 in Laksiti, Ranaut will arrive today

Kangana Ranaut is close to Udaipur. The family goddess of Kangana is located in Jagat village of Udaipur. (File image)

Film star Kangana Ranaut’s brother will get married in Udaipur, a world famous tourist and wedding destination. Preparations for the wedding are in full swing. Kangana is expected to arrive in Udaipur today.

Udaipur. Akshay, the brother of film actress Kangana Ranaut, will marry Ritu Sangwan of Haryana, the world famous Udaipur (Udaipur) as the best travel and wedding destination. On November 12, the newlyweds will tie the knot in Lake City. On November 11, there will be a ceremony for the yellows of Akshat and there will be a concert in the evening. It is said that preparations have been made to complete the activity in a simplified manner.

Kangana Ranaut Family members will be able to reach Udaipur by Tuesday evening. Coming to Udaipur, Kangana Ranaut will see the preparations. After Kangana Ranaut recently became embroiled in a dispute with the Maharashtra government, full preparations have also been made for their protection. A police team will be present with Kangana to get full protection.

Himachal CM Jayaram Tagore is likely to come
It is said that many big celebrities from Himachal will be able to attend this wedding. Several Bollywood celebrities, including Himachal Chief Minister Jairam Tagore, are involved in this. However, no official confirmation of the arrival of any guest has been received so far. However, more guests will be present during the wedding ceremony. If they go to see the beautiful tourist places of Udaipur, they will enjoy boating on the lake.Jalore: Ishq, 55, drowned in show, sends girlfriend Kankar tractor, SP suspended

Kangana has a deep connection with Udaipur

Kangana Ranaut is close to Udaipur. The family goddess of Kangana is located in Jagat village of Udaipur. Mother Ambika is the world famous temple and mother goddess Ambika is also the family goddess of Kangana Ranaut. Kangana has already come to Udaipur to see her mother Ambika. During his fight with the Maharashtra government, he recalled his mother Ambika and said that she should have the strength to face the challenge from this temple.

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Lexity is world famous for destination weddings
Udaipur is world famous for destination weddings. In the past, many big destination weddings were held in Udaipur. However, after a long hiatus due to the corona epidemic, a big destination wedding is being organized in Udaipur again.


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