Twinkle Khanna shared the pain of how her moment of peace turned into an Arv-Nitara battlefield.

Twinkle Khanna. Photo courtesy – @ TwinklerKhanna / Instagram

Twinkle Khanna shared a few pictures on Instagram, trying to explain how she increases the responsibility to be alert after becoming a mother and how moments of peace are swallowed up in two minutes.

Mumbai Bollywood actress Twinkle Khanna may have kept herself away from Bollywood, but through her posts on social media she continues to reign in people’s hearts. The Bollywood actress-turned-writer Twinkle is very active on social media and for her fans, she shares funny posts with pictures of herself and children, which people like. Recently, she shared a post, trying to explain how the responsibility to be vigilant increases after she becomes a mother and how moments of peace are wasted in two minutes.

Twinkle Khanna shared a few photos on Instagram, where she was seen resting on the grass with baby Arv and Nitara. But in the next picture he is seen resolving his children’s quarrel. In the first picture, Twinkle and Arv are seen resting on the grass. In the second picture, Nitara is seen in the generation of her elder brother. In the third picture, Arv-Nitara is fighting with each other and Twinkle is trying to stop them.

Sharing these pictures, Twinkle wrote – ‘Being a mother requires immediate change. Within seconds of shooting peacefully on the grass, it turned into a battle zone! #Mammiyaherawegoigen ‘

Let us tell you that Akshay Kumar discussed many issues including parenting strategies in a video interview shared on his Instagram page. He revealed that when Arv was young, he used to scare him so that he could finish all his meals.

Explaining this, he said that when Arv was young, I used to tell my son that if he did not eat his food, the mutton woman would come and he would cut his finger and roast it and sell it at the Juhu market. Because of this, Arv didn’t eat French fries for a long time because he thought Mutton Lady made French fries but this technique worked and he ate his food.


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