Twelve days after the wedding, Poonam Pandey accused her husband Sam of being a rogue and said,

25 days ago

Poonam Pandey, who is in the spotlight due to her daring video, surprised everyone by getting married suddenly on September 10. The actress has been in a live-in relationship with Sam Bombay for the past two years, after which the two got married. After the marriage, the two went to Goa for honeymoon, where within 12 days, Poonam complained of harassment against Sam. Since then, the actress has now publicly accused her husband Sam of extorting money from her videos and brutally murdering her.

Again during the honeymoon, charges were filed against him in Kanakona, Goa. Talking about this, the actress told Spotboy that Sam had beaten her at the hotel. He did not want to complain but the hotel staff heard his screams. The workers then called the police. When the staff members heard the screams, their faces swelled and they had wounds on their bodies. After seeing this, the same people filed a complaint.

Sam earns money by selling my videos: Poonam

The actress said during the interview, ‘This person has removed all my pictures from his social media, even though I didn’t think everything would be okay. They always do it. I feel stupid that even after reading the articles given against me they are with me that I make money through it. The truth is he makes money selling my videos. I say all this in front of him ‘.

Sam pleads for the complaint to be withdrawn

The actress told the E-Times that Sam had requested to take it back in front of her after she complained. He cried a lot and talked about fixing everything. After which the relationship between the two has improved. Both are currently in Goa but will return to Mumbai soon. After the reunion, Sam Bombay also shared wedding photos with Poonam.


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