Tweet: -Shi Kapoor breaks silence over India-Pakistan war, makes big statement against terrorism, read

Bollywood actor Shi Kapoor is currently undergoing treatment in the US for his illness. Recently, the actor reacted to the fight between India and Pakistan. And Shi Kapoor has spoken of maintaining peace between India and Pakistan. Sunday Shi Kapoor said this in a special post on Twitter on Sunday morning. Read Shi Kapoor’s tweet

Special Shi Kapoor wrote in his special tweet, “I agree with Arun Jaitley. If Pakistan wants to end terrorism completely, it must join hands with India. Because we and you have nothing against our concerned citizens, there is no point in fighting. If Imran Can’t, but the Pakistani army has to do it, folks “Recently, Ishi Kapoor has also canceled plans to return to India.

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According to media reports, Ishii told a friend that he could return to India by the end of March. At the same time, when the actor was asked in America, he said the news was wrong. When Ihsin was asked about his health, the actor said that his treatment was still going on, where it may still take some time to get his right to health, IANS reported. That is why the time has come for their arrival.


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