Try these looks of Nora Fatehi, people will talk even in winter-summer

See Nora Fatehi’s style and fashion (Photo Credit: Instagram / Nurfatihi)

Nora Fatehi’s fashion and look: You can also see these looks of Nora Fatehi. Even in winter, everyone will say hi summer

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Nora Fatehi’s style and fashion: Nora Fatehi is very famous in Bollywood. Nora has gained a lot of recognition with her flexible dance moves and killer looks. Nora Fatehi’s face is quite glamorous but sometimes her look looks quite decent. Naora Fatehi has performed many great dances in Bollywood like Aao Kavi Haveli Par, High Summer, Slow Motion and Saki Saki. But today we bring you a very special look of Nora Fatehi. You can also copy Nora Fatehi’s face if you want.

Wearing olives in a green sari:In this photo Nora Fatehi is wearing a sari with small gold polka dots in olive gold color in a royal style. The golden work on the side of the sari is adding to its beauty. It is accompanied by a salty Fatehi necklace designed by Goenkindia. This multilayer necklace is very worn in her sari. The ring he wore was designed by Rupbhohrafinegellery.

White Raphael Deep Neck Gown:Nora Fatehi is wearing a white gown with deep neckline in this photo. This gown has gold lining which gives the gown an exquisite look. With this gown Nora carries a diamond bracelet and statement ring. She is wearing pearl earrings near her ears and her hair is back in style. But there are also two flicks ahead, which makes her look pretty.

Sequin skirt with black velvet top:In this photo, Nora is wearing a copper sequin skirt with a black velvet crop top. With this Nora is wearing a watch and leaving her hair open. Nora has very light nude makeup on it.


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