Troll asks why all feminists show cracks for fighting, Sona says- you should treat brain cleavage

2 days ago

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Playback musician Sona Mohapatra has given a fantastic response to a troll who made offensive remarks about a woman. The Twitter user wrote in her tweet, “Why all feminists have to show cracks to compete with men and looking at your interview I think you are a victim of Bollywood (Bollywood) gang. But you are still in their gang trying to seduce them to join the What’s the difference? “

Gold gave this answer

Sona Mohapatra responded to the Twitter user, writing, “My advice is to treat the cracks in your mind before you talk about anyone. Leave this feminist alone, trying to persuade the bully gang.” Still working. “

Last month, when Bollywood celebrities launched the #SmashPatriality hashtag to support Riya Chakraborty, Sona Mohapatra suggested the right way, he suggested several things. These include equal pay for women and men, believing women actors, filmmakers and larger production houses to create better roles for women in film.

The definition of feminism in the golden eye

In 2017, Sona Mohapatra spoke about feminism in one of her Facebook posts. She wrote, “My feminism is directly related to the equality of men.


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