Total Dhamal: It Tesh Deshmukh has published it after publishing the picture

Actor Tesh Deshmukh, who has acted in many comedy films, has recently released the film ‘Total Dhamal’. This film is getting good response from people. But recently he gave an interview in which he revealed a lot. Ter Tesh started his career 16 years ago with the film ‘Teri Kasam’.

There is no problem in making multistar starring pictures

Ritesh Deshmukh said in a recent interview with IANS, ‘I will have no problem making a multi-starrer film. Good character and good script are important to me. When you make a multistar starring movie for the first time, you should know what you are doing. If you are happy with it, you should work on it and give it 100 percent.

Making multi-starrer films is not easy

It Tesh further said that making pictures starring multistar is not an easy task. The more actors, the more responsibility. There is a great need for coordination among the actors during the shooting. Films like ‘Housefull’ and ‘Dhamal’ cannot be made with actors alone. Many actors are needed for this national film.


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